"Janelle is an excellent physical therapist. She treated my son, who has hypotonia, for 2 years. Janelle is extremely creative, coming up with different games and activities to keep my son entertained & interested all the while doing physical therapy unbeknownst to him. She's tough when she needs to be and yet at the same time can be the funnest person to "play" with. It's been 3 months since my son last saw Janelle and now he's jumping, running and he recently did a somersault all by himself. This would not have been possible without the foundation that Janelle laid out for my son. The proof is in the pudding. She was a joy to work with week after week. I highly recommend Janelle!" -P U

Janelle has been working with my non-verbal 4 year old son for about 18 months.  We sought her out because our son has low tone and complex neurological issues.  PT is really hard work for him and was not something he enjoyed.  We were working with a PT at the time who was having trouble getting him through sessions and wanted someone who could really engage our son and work well with him.  I asked a couple of the most discerning moms I know who they would recommend, and they said Janelle.  I watched her work my friend’s non-verbal son and was amazed at how well she read his cues, and how much work she was able to get out of him while making it really fun.  We asked our district to enter into a contract with her, which they did, and have been thrilled.  Our son rushes to the door when Janelle comes in and is laughing hysterically through his sessions but getting an amazing work out.  Janelle is silly with him, uses whatever toys he wants to play with to get the PT work done, and does it all in stride.  Our son’s muscle tone, balance, and gait have improved dramatically since she started working with him.  He was walking when she started, but his gait was quite poor.  He walking is now looking really good, and he is running in bursts.  The difference is just amazing.  

Since our son is so complicated, I really value Janelle’s technical expertise in PT.  She has a great background in pediatric PT serving kids with severe motor disorders as well as lots of other disabilities.  One of the things I value so much about Janelle is her ability to work so cooperatively as a team member.  Our son gets services from OT, SLP, school, and ABA, and she is happy and eager to collaborate with other disciplines to help carry over the work in multiple settings and to get consistency.  Everyone on our son’s team has been very happy with her collegiality and has found working with her to be seamless.  She has worked with me regularly, showing me things I can do with my son at home and in the community to practice and build strength and stability.  She also worked with me on things I can have our son do to ease the physical strain on us.  To my amazement, he is now able to get in and out of his car seat independently!

Recently, we had some outside professionals do a comprehensive assessment on our son.  Two of them observed at school while Janelle was working with our son.  Both of them told me separately that Janelle was amazing with him and got more affect and vocal response from our son than any of the teachers.  They were incredibly impressed with how well she worked with him and the classroom staff. 

My only regret is that we didn’t find Janelle sooner.  I can’t recommend her highly enough!